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Total Views to Date (31st May 2017) 7,619,269

Total number of 360˚ Panoramas on Google Maps = 96

Ponant Panoramas

The following examples are embedded from the panorama folders supplied to Ponant.

1. HTML with Flash Fallback (Flash Preferred)

This panorama is delivered by referencing the URL http://tonyredhead.photography/PONANT-Austral/Alor-Beach/ It is embedded into the page using an iFrame. If the panorama detects the presence of the Flash player installed in the users browser it will deliver the flash version alternatively if no Flash is detected it will display an HTML version. This provides for playback in both Flash enabled browsers on the desktop as well as mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.

The iFrame has a defined width of 100% which allows it to scale proportionally as the responsive site scales, the height is fixed for display on smartphones.

2. Mobile Devices

If the delivery is intended only for mobile devices, without Flash, there is an alternative URL http://tonyredhead.photography/PONANT-Austral/Alor-Beach/Mobile.html. This is an HTML only delivery and code to detect the device it is loading into. It has three modified skins; the first is for desktop browsers and shows the full button bar, the second is for iPads and shows a minimal button bar, the third and final version is for iPhones and shows a minimal button bar and reduced click-through banner. The iPad and iPhone also have a special "Fullscreen" option that launches a new window with a self closing Javascript button and a Gryoscope toggle button to disable and enable the Gyroscope function of the device.

If you view this page on different mobile devices you will see the changes.

3. Included Preview Images

There are two images included in the Panorama folder the first one, FBTM (Facebook Thumbnail), and is designed for Facebook timeline pages but can be used anywhere, it's dimensions are 600 x 400px. The second is, SOTM (Social Thumbnail), and can be used anywhere, it's dimensions are 1500 x 749px.

FBTM image

FBTM image

SOTM image

SOTM image

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