Interactive iPad & iPhone journals

For many companies or groups conducting ship charters or other specialized group tours the usual method of documenting and preserving the occasion has been through the creation of a book based on a photographic record of the event.

In most cases a professional event photographer will be employed to attend the charter or tour and photograph attendees and locations. At the conclusion of the charter or tour the photographs will be collated and a limited edition book published and distributed to the attendees. These limited edition books provide mementos of the occasion and have, in many cases, met the organizers requirements.

There are however some drawbacks; the main issue being the time required to create the book with delivery sometimes several weeks after the end of the event, the other issue is the cost associated with producing and printing the book.

This is where interactive iPad & iPhone journals come in

Documenting your charter or event with an Interactive Photo and 360˚ iPad & iPhone Journal will give your attendees a unique and timely record of the occasion in a way that a book can never do. Rather than being just a glossy memento the iPad Journal allows you to deliver information that includes photos, 360˙ panoramas, video and audio on the most dynamic delivery platform available, the iPad.

Created during the event and delivered on it’s conclusion, the content contained is immediate and relevant to the moment. It allows your participants to relive the moments with friends and colleagues as soon as they return to their homes or offices.

With the number of iPads & iPhones being carried by travelers and business people growing exponentially and an estimate that by 2017 1 in every 8 people in the world will own a tablet by 2017 it’s an exciting new way to create and distribute your content. - "Borneo College" - "Borneo College" - "Gold Rush" - "Gold Rush"